Relevance With Today (Neuromancer Response)

The theme that was the most prevalent to me in Neuromancer was technology and freedom. The thought of cyberspace has a connotation with a space that is wide open and people are free to do whatever they want. I think that the main characters in the novel were using the cyberspace as a sort of get away. I feel like they were trying to pursue something that made them feel free. While we look at and understand this we have to recognize that technology can also hold people back from what’s actually going on in the real world. At the same time I think it’s necessary for us to understand that you can’t really have full freedom without being confined. This thought might be a little bigger than me but I’m going to try to make it sound as correct as  I possibly can. When a person gets so wrapped up in obtaining freedom, of any sort, they become consumed by that desire. I feel that that is what happened in Neuromancer, especially with Case and Wintermute. With Case it’s the fact that he wanted to be plugged in in order to get to Freeside. With Wintermute it’s the whole entire scheme. He used almost any means necessary to get what he needed to get. He grew obsessed almost with the task of trying to find and converge with Neuromancer. It’s not outlandish to understand that people in our world can become consumed by trying to achieve freedom. Also, on a much lesser scale, when people living in this time period become bored with something they want a get away. What do they turn to? Technology. They pull out their iPhones, iPods, iPads, computers, etc. to leave the current situation. I cannot count the number f times I’ve seen people engaged in a one on one setting with another person looking down at their phone. It’s ridiculous. Some people are so absorbed by technology that they don’t even leave their room. They sit on their computers for hours on end. That’s just how are generation has adapted. These relationships parallel with those themes of  freedom and technology in Neuromancer.