Silent Moonrise Kingdom

To make this video for the Return to the Silent Era assignment worth 5 stars I first found my trailer and downloaded it using the Firefox add-on Video DownloadHelper.

I imported the trailer of Moonrise Kingdom into a video editing software called Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is very similar to iMovie but it allows you to do much more with your video. I had never used Final Cut Pro before making this video, and so I click around and Google tips quite a bit, but overall it was a pretty straightforward piece of software to use.

In order to the make the video become silent, I separated the audio and video by right clicking on the trailer clip and selecting the “Expand Audio/Video.” Then I deleted the trailer audio and imported the music file from the Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack to serve as the music for the silent trailer. Next, I added in the title cards with some of the key lines of dialogue from the trailer and put them in the appropriate places within the trailer. I used the Blade tool to split the video file to make a spot for where the title cards could go. Then to make the trailer look old, I added some effects to the entire trailer. I added the Black and White and Aged Film effects, as well as the Crisp Contrast Effect to the video parts. Lastly, I realized that my music track was longer than the video, and that end of the song would  fit nicely with the end of the video, so I trimmed down the beginning of the music and slid the entire file backwards to the beginning of the trailer.