th1rt33n and 4our1een

Well I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving because I sure did! But after a nice, relaxing break, it’s time to get back to work!

Daily Creates

I got two left feet #tdc1047 #dailycreate


#dailycreate #tdc1053


This TDC has been left intentionally Blank –it’s also spelled wrong and I apologize!


Despicable Me in Two Scenes



Link to Remix Presentation

Take a Walk in the Shoes of Frank Sobotka

The Perfect Day 3 stars

Me, a coach? 3.5 stars



The Evolution of Phil Dunphy 4.5 stars

Consumer Mash-up 3 stars

Consumer Mashup

Everyone Poops! 3.5 stars

Everyone Poops Mashup


Happy last week of classes!