The Big Progress Report

The project that was conducted by Brian Goulet and I, was one that took a lot of attention and effort and we both were putting more than we had originally expected it would take. In the beginning when I was making my proposal for the final project, I drew up a schedule that I thought would work. I was in for a pretty big surprise. Because we were so consumed by working on our project it slipped my mind at least to create progress report. Partly because I was a little taken back that it wasn’t going how we had expected, but more because I was exerting the majority of my effort towards the project itself. As I said, I did create a schedule and I will now explain where we were during the days and weeks that I had written before we started working.

November 17th – Have an instrumental picked and lyrics almost completed.

On November 17th, Brian and I did have our instrumental picked, but writing the lyrics was a bit of a struggle as we were trying to figure out how to say what we wanted to say to send the intended message.

November 22nd – Have song recorded and map out video.
On November 22nd, we were in the process of recording the song as I had written out the lyrics that we would be rapping. This was probably the most tedious and arduous part of conducting our project as we were struggling to get the sound that we wanted and to have the song be clear, so that our listeners weren’t turned away by a bad song. We did not have the song recorded.

November 31st – Have individuals for video chosen.
On November 31st, Brian and I were still in the process of recording and editing the song, and we had two of the individuals for the video selected

December 1st – Have video recorded and begin editing.
On December 1st, we had finally finished the full recording of the song and were trying to finalize editing the song so that is sounded as good as possible. We had not started recording, but we had three of the four individuals who were going to be in the video selected.

December 6th – Have video and song edited and put together as one.
On December 6th, Brian and I had selected and recorded each of the four individuals who were going to be in the video but we had not yet edited the video and added the song to it. It was on the 7th, that we were able to finish editing the video and editing the song, just so that it matched with the video the way we wanted it to and we combined the video and song as one, so that they could be presented on the 8th.

This project was not an easy one and it took a lot more effort than one would think to be able to have a finished product be so clean and clear. As we did fall behind schedule while working on the project, I think Brian and I took a lot away and learned about how to work with more than just one person and at the end of the day enhanced us both as students and workers.