The Breakdown

I was very interested in the journalism module, because journalism has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. The reason why it’s so special to me now is simply the fact that  I have entered the field through a selection of ways. One would be that I have written for the Blue and Gray Press, which proved to be an arduous task. I also was enrolled in a Newsgathering course in which we had to write stories about local people and places. These two forms of journalism were pretty similar for me. They were time consuming in a way and there was a lot of face to face contact with the people of who I was writing about. The third and final way that I got involved with journalism was my friend and co-host Isaac Blue. We started our own radio show. It is a sports talk show that covers many sports and many topics. The name of our show is The Breakdown with Blue and Big Dave.

The show is ran through our school’s campus radio station, WMWC Campus Radio. The way that our show is connected to the realm of journalism is through bringing news to people who for any number of reasons would not be able to get or hear it. We usually spend the two days before finding and going over all of the most recent news that we can find for each sport. We then take those stories and rank them in importance and give them time values. Another aspect of our show that really doesn’t have much to do with sports journalism is the music that we play. We play the mos current hip-hop, r&b, and rap music. One might say that it could be a form of journalism because we play all of the newest tracks, some people have probably never heard before. (That’s a stretch.) The show is about an hour long sometimes if we’re in the groove we run a little over, but our time slot is one hour. Our show is scheduled for one day every week and is broadcasted live on the station’s blog.

I think that our show is a good entry into the field, because later in life I would love to host or be a host of a sports talk show. It teaches us a lot. We have gotten over our nerves and we have found the best way to present the information that we found. We know how to fill time and we know how to keep our audience engaged. Overall, the experience that we are getting now is setting us up for a bright future in the field of journalism. We both know that it will not be a short and easy journey, but at least we know that we have what it rakes to make it.