Theot – Munch’s Wire Scream

The first inspire which I thought was really significant this week was the post that was posted by Ms. Allison Theot approximately one month ago…Allison used Edvard Munch’s “Scream,” to interpret one of the dramatic moments in Season 6 of the Wire where Stringer Bell’s gang is caught up in a street gun battle which results in the death of an innocent bystander ed, a little boy getting ready for school.

I think that the audio from this particular notice is emphasized through this specific piece of art work.

It exemplifies the emotions felt by the traumatic events which happened to the characters.


The only thing I would have changed in regards to this was to blow up the picture and make it look bigger.  I also would have changed the position of the picture and put it up in the sky and made it look like her facial expressions were a part of the skyline.   I would have used Photoshop to blend the picture in so it looked faded into the picture.  This way you not only get to Gage the reactions in a creative fashion from the show, but you also can admire the original piece of artwork while translating the wire into it’s original form.