“They Love The Account”

Coming down to the end of the season The Wire is starting to heat up. I really enjoyed a very interesting 12th episode if the 4th season. One of the things that really had me interested in this episode was Randy. Yet another one of the young boys who really stood out to me. Randy’s story is very interesting. I see him trying to find his way and the bombing that happened in this episode didn’t help him out at all. I felt so bad because him having to go back into the system for foster is definitely going to hinder his progress in becoming the person that he truly wants and needs to be. Another one of the things that stood out to me in this episode was Namond and Bunny. What I really liked was that Namond said something about feeling cheated in school. This caught my attention because I really like the fact that Namond even cared about his education. That shows how much he has grown even if its just a little bit. The other thing that caught my attention was Bubbles and Sherrod. I was hurting for Bubbles when he saw that Sherrod was dead. It was like he lost a part of himself. Sherrod was helping Bubbles become a better man and was helping him through his problems, but I think this will really have a negative impact on Bubbles.