“They Will Never Know The Amount”

Wow, What a way to end the season. The 13th episode of the 4th season of The Wire was full of excitement and action. I really enjoyed it and was thoroughly interested. There were two big points that I took away from the episode. The first of these points was all of the boarded up houses with dead bodies in them. This was a result of something that I have been writing about for the last couple of episodes. The way that the Stanfield gang carried out there murders were just plain wrong, stupid, and very unprofessional. It’s weird to say that a killing has to be professional but for people who actually live the street life they do have some level of professionalism. There are codes and morals and it seems like the Stanfield gang had neither of those. The other thing that really stood out to me was Bodie’s death. It was very symbolic to me. In my most recent post about the show I wrote about How Bodie looked like he wanted out of the Stanfield gang. Once all of the bodies started turning up in this episode that was very evident. You could see that Bodie was fed up and frustrated. When he was killed by some other members of the Stanfield gang, to me it symbolized the absolute end of the Barksdale Gang. He was the last member who was like the last limb and now that’s gone. This was a great end to the season and it leaves it so open so that the next season can take off and be more than interesting.