“We Will Understand If They Don’t”

For my final design assignment I decided to do the venn diagram (4.5 stars). At first I had no idea how I was going to do it. I was originally going to use Microsoft office as usual but I figured that wouldn’t work, so when I visited Professor Groom I got help from another student who showed me how to use gimp. I finished creating the circles and putting the information in them using gimp.

One of my favorite things about this class is that I get to show how I feel about characters. So i used three adjectives; stubborn, strategic, and powerful. I chose four characters that I thought would best fit in the inner portions of the circles. That was probably the hardest part because there are so many characters that could be used. I figured that the characters I chose had a big impact on the series and that’s why I went with them. One thing that I recognized while doing this assignment was how much Stringer Bell takes on. He is one of the most dynamic characters in the series. I had fun doing this assignment and I hope you enjoy my work.