“Won’t Respond To What I’ve Drawn”

Unfortunately something went wrong and my group’s video discussion did not get recorded. That doesn’t mean I can’t show you guys what I brought to the conversation. Here are my screenshots and I’ll explain why I took each of them.

The reason I chose to take this picture was because like I mentioned in my posts about some of the episodes I could see that Bodie wanted out of the Stanfield gang. The relationship between Bodie and McNulty was also interesting because of Bodie’s ties to the Barksdale gang. I just thought that that was interesting.

The reason that I chose this picture was because I really like how each of the young boys stories are starting to open up. I really like the relationship that has started to grow between Carver and Randy. I think that Carver will play a big role in teaching Randy how to be a man and also helping him find himself. I think hat Their relationship will grow during the next season.

The reason that I chose this is because I think Namond will be one of the main characters in the next season. I can see Namond starting to care more about his education and I love that people, especially Bunny Colvin, are their trying to help him grow. I really like how Namond has changed his ways and started to become a different but better person.

This last screenshot was taken strictly for symbolism. As I watch Bodie’s body lay there in the street with those bullet wholes in his I head, there was only one thing that I could think about. That was the end of the Barksdale gang. It was really sad to see him go.