WTH is that?!?!?!


So for the assignment “Take a Picture of Something Interesting!“, I decided to take a picture of my research lab.  In particular, the electronics behind my research.  WARNING:  IT IS A JUMBLED MESS!!!!!


No joke, it took me a good two months at the beginning of my research project to determine how the electronics functioned and worked together.  This is a ridiculously jumbled mess of wires and boxes, but there are only so many ways to condense $10,000 worth of electronics.


To make this, I just took the picture with my iPhone.  I didn’t edit the photo at all, just uploaded it from my email to here.  From a design aspect, this is a perfect example of an asymmetrical, unorganized, jumbled mess.  But I know where every electronic component goes, where every signal comes from and goes to, and how they are all connected, so…job security.


Have any questions about any aspect of this?  Just ask below!