You Can Feel It In Your Bones

For this Digital Deformance assignment, i struggled to think of a good way to digitally present Midnight Robber. About 4 or so days before our assignment way due, my idea finally hit me. The best way for me to interpret feelings or stories is through music. Music has the ability to touch people in different ways as well as bring people together. We’ve read the novel but how about we listen to it? Not only did i want to use music but i also wanted visuals. My favorite way of creating visuals to present to feelings is through Tumblr. So, for this project i decided to make a playlist of spotify that tells the story along with a tumblr blog that can visually describe the novel.

The playlist is definitely the core of this project because i spend the most time here. It isn’t just about the words to the song that help represent the novel but the emotions these songs can project. I would like to go over the songs and where they play a role in the novel.

The playlist beings with songs Intergalactic and Cars. These songs project a space vibe which is the basis of this novel. The next major concept in Midnight Robber is the idea of Granny Nanny. No matter how i read or look at it, i find this idea to be creepy so of course i chose the song Every Breathe You Take by The Police because that song also projects a creepy vibe. Granny Nanny is inescapable. Since you are born with Granny Nanny, i chose to also add the song Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) because this also reminds me of Granny Nanny. Because Creole is important aspect of this novel, i wanted to project a beach vibe. The next topic is Carnival which is why i chose a fast pace song by Celia Cruz who is from Cuba. Followed by another carnival themed song by the Gypsy Kings. Another part of the book that stood out to me was Tan-Tan’s relationship with her father which begin with the duel between her father and mother’s other man. This projects jealousy which is why i chose Genghis Khan. I then chose Rape Me and Swimming pools (Drank) to show the effect of her Father on her life.When they were shipped off in punishment, i picked songs like Life On Mars? by Bowie because that only makes so much sense. When Tan-Tan kills her Father, i immediately thought of Bohemian Rhapsody. Finally, the pregnancy portion of the novel is represented through songs like Changes, Juno, and Sweet Child O’ Mine. Overall, i think this playlist is perfect for Midnight Robber.

The next part of my project included a Tumblr blog called “”. My concept behind the blog was simple. I would just reblog visualizations that relate to Midnight Robber. For example, i included pictures of the galaxy, tree houses, hercules (to represent the half human half cyborg) along with pictures of Cyborg. It would more useful to scroll through the photos and see what you think!


Playlist Link: Midnight Robber Playlist

Tumblr Blog: Can You Do The Tan-Tan?