A revised Programmer’s Guide

As a Communication and Digital Studies major, I have had time to reflect on the endeavors that I will embark on after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. Across a variety of fields that I could potentially engage in, one that would be in demand for programming would be International Communications. This is why I want to learn how to program. It is important to me because I would want to be able to apply my programming skills to perform my job at the best of my abilities. Whether it would be helping specific companies for various countries create and manage websites or simply repairing or revamping their already established sites. There are many things that cause anxiety when thinking abut programming. There are so many little things that eventually lead to bigger ones. In this instance, one small flaw could lead to a host of other mistakes which could have a lasting effect on not only me working on the project, but also my image as a programmer, or someone who claims to know something about programming. Where I stand right now, I would just like to understand the information. I want to build my foundation over the course of the second half of this semester and then I want to try to further my learning in code and programming.