Wire 106: Week 15 – Time to Get Real with the Final Projects


Credit: Imran Ahmed (who rules)

This is where we start winding down the perpetual motion machine that is #ds106. You all have been on your A-game throughout the semester, but finals are fast approaching and this semester cannot last forever, unfortunately. There will be some wrap-up assignments next week that will include reflecting on your final project, reflecting on the class, featuring your own work, and generally wrapping up loose ends.

But for week 15, here’s the deal:

Course Evaluation: Fill out the course evaluation that was emailed to each of you. Do this, it’s good for Paul and I, it’s good for you, and it’s good all around. Bag the class, praise it, remain disinterested if you can, but do the evaluation anyway.

Wire Episodes: Finish up season 4, if you didn’t do your three video discussion sessions, you need to take care of this sometime before now and the end of next week with at least a group of three students. There is a Google Doc for this I sent to everyone, be sure to get in there and start organizing.

Daily Creates: Do one, have fun.

Assignments/Final project: Over the course of this week you need to be working exclusively on your final project, continuing to develop out the social media presence of The Wire character you chose. To this end, you have to complete 8 stars worth of assignments from the point of view of your character. For so inspiration, check out the work Travis Peed is doing with Randy Wagstaff, and Amy Wallace is doing with Roland Pryzbylewski. Share your favorites in the comments.

Additionally, you need to interact with at least four other Wire characters through their various social media sites from the perspective of your character. In other words, you need to start playing your character in the context of all the others. If you don’t know where to find the various social media profiles of the other characters, we created a spreadsheet for that (some of you need to update/edit that spreadsheet ASAP).

Sundries: As per the syllabus, there are a number of sundry tasks many of you have already done, but some of you will need to pay attention to before the end of the semester. I am outlining them below:

That’s it, all of this is do no later than 11:59 on Monday, December 8th.