Late Night Talk #3: Season 4 Episode 9

The last and final episode for which I did a video discussion for was the Season 4 Episode 9 which detailed certain events such as the shake down of Bodie , Lil’Kevin and Poot in the beginning of the scenes.   I presented this in my talks with my group this past Thursday during our 9:30 p.m. meeting.

photo 1

I thought that this scene was pretty realistic.  It showed the different levels of corruption in the police force further and it also demonstrated the ways in which the endless cycle of harassment and violence taking place in Baltimore City.   The next scene involves Omar and Bunk after Bunk springs Omar from jail.      photo 4


  This scene details how tied into Baltimore so many characters are for example.  In this scene Bunk makes Omar promised that he is not going to kill anyone anymore.   He even says in a sarcastic way in this scene that he has a good mind to send Omar on a trip up to New York and out of Baltimore so that he cannot cause anymore trouble. Omar responds by saying…..”Man gotta go with what he know.”    It is clear that Omar will never leave Baltimore and more than likely die in Baltimore.”            The link for our video discussion is below, I thought that we hashed out quite a few themes which were prevalent in this episode. Attached here is the video link of our discussion.