Favorite Team Mashup

This assignment was funny, I enjoyed making it so much I did my tutorial on it. You can see my tutorial here. I decided to combine the three favorites teams of my household; the Redskins, the Bears, and the Capitals. You can see my process in my tutorial.



For this assignment I decided to find two teams (Heat and Redskins) and combine their logos together. I used PowerPoint to make the logo, and managed to fit them over each other to be like a Redskin comet. In the end, I decided on the team name the Heatskins.…

The Wire’s Favorite Teams Mashed Up

Here is a mashup of two teams out of Baltimore just like The Wire. I took the logos from the University of Maryland and the Baltimore Orioles and blended with a photo blending app to create this assignment before uploading it to my Flickr account. There were several teams to …