Inappropriate Laughter In Baltimore City

For my final assignment of the week I decided to complete the mashup assignment Inappropriate Laughter. I used the scene from season 4 when Colvin takes Namond and 2 others to the Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It is an interesting scene from start to finish. In the beginning the kids …

Inappropriate Laughter

For this assignment (3.5 stars), I used a scene from season 4 where Omar is taking a trip to the store to buy Cheerios (and some drugs). I used Windows Live Movie Maker to create this video.

Here are the 4 laughter clips I used from

“Right into the wall!”

I did the mashup assignment for inappropriate laughter and had some fun with it. I had just watched episode 7 of the Wire and thought this fight scene would definitely be inappropriate to add laughter to, so I had to use it. It was easy to download the video and …