Inspired: The Game Supercut

This video is a supercut of all the mentions of “the game” from season 1 of The Wire. It’s pretty amazing what John Johnston is doing with the software he found that automatically creates supercuts from video files based on … Continue reading

The Game Supercut

John Johnston, hearing my call, created an automated supercut video of all the mentions of “the game” in Season 1 of The Wire. The VideoGrep script provides a quick, easy, and exacting way to analyze a show like The Wire around … Continue reading

Wiring Supercuts

John Johnston’s post yesterday about Videogrep really piqued my imagination.
Videogrep is a python script that searches through dialog in videos and then cuts together a new video based on what it finds. Basically, it’s a command-line “supercut” generator.
In other words, if … Continue reading