Cassryn Jane’s First Year in the World

For my first video assignment, I chose the Special Person Montage because it immediately made me think of how much I miss my niece. My niece, whom my brother and sister-in-law named Cassryn Jane, was my brother’s first child and the light of me and my family’s life. She’s the cutest, most energetic little 1 year old ever. My brother, an amateur photographer takes photos of her often and posts them to Flickr. The following photos are a compilation of memorable events in her life during her first years.

I chose to include an instrumental version of the song “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore. Although Cassryn is only 1, she’s pretty advanced for her age. In fact, it scares me that she knows how to operate an iPad/iPhone to watch her kid’s songs. Every time Paramore comes on, she sings along. So excited to celebrate her 2nd birthday this coming January!

The Finished Product: