Noir-view mirror

I’m not sure where the knight fits into D’Angelo’s worldview, but that’s the part I’m going to play as I attempt to sidestep my recent lack of blogging and jump forward a couple steps.

ds106 is always an adventure, and it’s a different adventure every time. From my perspective …

Report from the field

cc2012 Roger from

As you know, I was away on a mission over the past week. My investigations took me to Portland, a town crawling with dirty hippies, people sleeping in the streets, and beggars with pit bulls. I could totally see myself living there.

Purely by accident, …

Haves vs Wants

NoirCat by Grant Potter and Talky Tina

One of our ds106 Noirsters regrets missing last night’s broadcast:

Gah, apparently I chose the wrong night to skip on the radio shows. Sorry, creators #ds106radio

— Spencer Scott (@spencer_cscott) March 12, 2015

and it was a night not to be missed! But …