Lion King in 5 Seconds

Hiya! The 5-Second Film (5 stars) was a lot of fun! It was tough though to get all of the footage in in 5-seconds. I wanted to add maybe a good 20 seconds of footage but I had to scale back. So I settled on 0.5 seconds clips for the whole time. When deciding what to use I tried to stick with most of the plot. So I went to YouTube and searched for the best moments in the Lion King and I literally took the first 3 videos that were in the search results I converted them into ClipConverter, then imported them into iMovie.


I went through and added just a small snippet of the videos to the storyboard. Once that was done I muted the clips. I searched for the Circle of Life song on YouTube and converted this song to an mp3 to use as the background song. Once I added the song to the filmstrip I then exported the file and uploaded it to YouTube!

I think it turned out really well! I really enjoyed going back and looking at the Lion King while deciding what to use for this assignment. Here is the final product!