Size Matters

For my next Visual Assignment (I have lost count at this point haha) I decided to do “Larger than Life.” I chose it because I was like oh this will be easy, I like taking pictures in different perspectives to see how they turn out. Yeah, well I was wrong. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, especially with live subjects.

How I did it:

Weeeeell, I started out just taking close up pictures of my boyfriend’s dog and that didn’t work because there was nothing to compare her to. Then I remembered that you have to have something to compare your subject to in order for you to be able to tell perspective. I took a bunch of pictures–probably close to 50–trying different angles and things of that nature but these four turned out the best, in my opinion. I couldn’t pick just one (and yes I know they only count as doing this assignment one time). Well here is a collage of the pictures that I took (I made them into a collage using iPiccy on the internet).

My attempt at "Larger than Life" #visualassignments #visualassignments1028

I like the top left one because you can compare the food bowl and the cat to the shelf in the background. I like the top right because you can compare the cat (who is gigantic anyway–about 25 pounds) to the computer and the chair in the background. The one of the dog in the bottom left is good, in my opinion, because of the ground and how close it is to her nose and then the couch in the background. The ring one is actually the first that I took out of this group but I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. I guess maybe because you can almost tell what I was doing with it. But the more I look at it the cooler I think it looks.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed these!