VideoAssignment393, Make a Tutorial for You Dad,

Video Assignment 393 (5 stars) is an assignment in which you make a tutorial for someone else to explain how to do something.  My father just received his first smartphone for his birthday.  He has had the phone now for over 2 months and is scared to even pick the phone up.  I thought I would make him a tutorial on how to do some basics on his phone.  With a copy of the tutorial (and me showing him how to get to the tutorial) he will be able to learn.

I used my Apple iPad to record my iPhone and my voice narrating.  Once I had made the videos.  I uploaded them from my iPad directly into Youtube.  This was the easiest way for me to gain access to the videos.  Once the videos were in youtube, I was able to use my handy website…  This allowed me to download the videos from youtube as a MP4.  I also used the website, to transfer a youtube music video into a MP3 that can be enjoyed as just music with no video included.  This will allow you to use the music for various projects.  Once I had collected the video and the music, I was able to put the music together with the videos.  ( due to me receiving a phone call during filming..  I had to record the tutorial in 2 parts.)

I used Windows Live Movie Maker to blend the videos and the music.  I first put the two videos back to back by importing each video directly into Windows Live.  It was necessary to take part of one of the videos out since the phone rang.  I found it easiest to insert a break exactly where I wanted the film to end and then just removed the  remaining section of video from that shot. After inserting the first clip, I was able to add the second part of the video.  The next important part to insert into this video is some music.  I found some interesting music on youtube that was specifically made for presentations.  I first adjusted the volume of the music by selecting the music tab.  Since the music was only about 2 minutes long, I had to add the music three times. This covered the entire production.  I went through the clip to make sure that the volume was just right on my voice and on the music.

The last part that I did was insert a title page and credits.

I hope you enjoy…