Week 15

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Assignments / Final Projects






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Final Projects

First Assignment was Unsuspecting Friends which was 2 stars. This assignment I took pictures of my friends with out them knowing. I tried to get the best shots possible. Hope you enjoy.

The second assignment that I did was Who Called ? This is an assignment that I decide tot …

Discussion Discussion and More Discussions

Below is the Discussion that I led for “The Wire” Season 4 Episode 8. We did have a few complication at the end, sorry about that.


Below is the is the second discussion that I was in, which was Season 4 Ep 9 “Know You Place”, enjoy.



Two Assignments

The Creative Mashup
Who Called?

Two Daily Creates

Collaging Your Day
A Day in the Life of ….. Would Be Like.…

Movie Trailer

For my Daily Create this week I decided to do the (Food) Movie Trailer. I wanted to incorporate my favorite food/snack which is eel. Yeah eel! For this Daily Create I used the magical PicsArt application. I have used this application for many Daily Creates and other things to help …

It’s Kima Greggs

” 3D Stanley”  (4 Stars) which was  a 3D Printed Assignments. For this assignment I decided to make Kima Greggs her personal on Baltimore Police Department badge. Being the great detective that she is, she deserves her own badge. I made the badge by Tinkecad. Hope you Enjoy !


Mashups and Remix

10 Second Song Mash up  – Check Out Here                     3 Stars

The Contest Nobody Could Win – Check Out Here           2 Stars

Lip Read  – Check Out Here                                                4.5 Stars

Total = 9.5 Stars

Remix – Humanizer [Remixed] : Subtle Switcheroo


There are Two Different Changes, Comment what you …

Something You Want To Touch

“Something You Want To Touch” Because I love babies and North West is the cutest baby! I decided to pick North West. I would just love to see her she seems as the happiest baby alive. She is the cutest little baby ever! I always like to look at her …

My Day in Icons

For my day with icons I decided to use emojis and to make it on my phone. I did my in order so that it would be easier for you to read. The first emoji was a “tired face” thats because the first thing I did was wake up. The …