Stefanie Reutter 2014-12-01 20:48:41

I’m getting down to the wire (LOL get it?) on this post so I will keep this short and sweet. I can’t believe this semester is almost over. What a ride ds106 has been. I’m happy to say I have learned so much about digital story telling. Here’s my work …

Fast Forward

For this assignment I used this picture of Daniels to age him.


I uploaded the photo into Gimp to make the edits.

To make his face a bit droopier, I used the IWarp tool. This gave the effect of the baggy eyes and double chin.

Then I used the …

Emoji This

The first assignment I chose to do was Emoji This. I took 5 common emoji faces and then took pictures of Daniels expressing those emotions.

Simply using paint, I copied pictures from Google and then used “different” facial expressions of Daniels.

First we have Daniels’ serious face. He’s pretty …

Introducing: Bagel Butt

So I’m assuming you’re reading the title like…. wtf???

This was my remix assignment.

Cat breading was pretty popular, where you put a cat’s face in bread. But my challenge for the remix was to do the opposite of whatever the assignment was…. so this happened.


Inappropriate Laughter

For this assignment (3.5 stars), I used a scene from season 4 where Omar is taking a trip to the store to buy Cheerios (and some drugs). I used Windows Live Movie Maker to create this video.

Here are the 4 laughter clips I used from

Video X 2

I’ve really been enjoying the Video Assignments. I think these have been my favorite weeks.I read the warning label to this class, but it seriously was not a joke that this class would be a lot of work! But it’s fun work. And it is really rewarding when I create …