Omar’s Tie Fly By

Omar Little rules.  You pretty much realize that by the first season’s end, but by the second season he starts to take on legendary status because his knowledge of greek mythology, his brilliant courtroom apparel, and his ability to shutdown Maury Levy in a courtroom of his peers. It’s all …

Contradictory Tones

I thought the juxtaposition of the phrases “drugs” and “family business” highlighted a major theme in the Wire. In my post about episode 13 of the Wire that will be up later this week, I discuss D’Angelo’s outcry at how this is his family business. He grew up in this, …

Creating GIFs with Text in GIMP

Here is a quick screencast showing you how to add text to GIFs in GIMP. And keep in mind, GIFs don’t necessarily need text for the summary assignment.
And here’s a GIF with text