Omar’s Tie Fly By

Omar Little rules.  You pretty much realize that by the first season’s end, but by the second season he starts to take on legendary status because his knowledge of greek mythology, his brilliant courtroom apparel, and his ability to shutdown Maury Levy in a courtroom of his peers. It’s all in the video below if you need a reminder of his brilliance in Season 2, Episode 6, “All Prologue,” which may be one of the best episodes of the series.

He’s one of the better characters TV has ever seen, and that’s embedded within a series that probably has ten or fifteen of the best characters TV has ever seen. But when I was watching this time around, I was fascinated by the almost childlike heckling of Bird Omar does with his tie after he’s been sentenced to life. He uses the crazy tie he wears in court to taunt him, and there’s a sense of joyfulness that’s mixes oddly with some violent vengeance. It just hit such a strange register for me that I had to make an animated GIF. So I did, as one does.

omar_tie 01