Way Down in The Hole…Lotta Video! – Week 11-12 Summary

Way Down in the Hole-Lotta Video

Over a two week period, we were required to do  a plethora of video assignments totaling at least 16  stars worth!    We also were required to do at least two daily creates each.


The introductions which I had done this week included my …

The Wire Sweded with G.I. Joes

The Wire Sweded With G.I. Joe’s

So I thought about what would be a unique way to swede an episode of The Wire.  As student we were challenged to  Swede a Scene from the show The Wire.  I chose the Season 3 Episode 11 scene of Stringer Bells death.

This …

Puppies on Campus!

TDC985: Show us what you do/did with a pet you love.

So a few weekends ago, my 2 dogs, Angel and Indy finally got to see the UMW campus after 3 years. It was absolutely wonderful to get to see them run around on Ball Circle and to show …