Way Down in The Hole…Lotta Video! – Week 11-12 Summary

Way Down in the Hole-Lotta Video

Over a two week period, we were required to do  a plethora of video assignments totaling at least 16  stars worth!    We also were required to do at least two daily creates each.


The introductions which I had done this week included my two posts for a video assignment on

Daily Creates:

*Daily Creates Included my Parking Poet Lauret Blog –

In this blog I created my own poem about the woe’s of parking.

*My Internet Memories of Yester_Year blog in which I detailed my very first experiences with the internet overall.

My Other daily create included a Sound Map

This daily create caused me to be more aware of my surroundings and it was interesting to see the sounds I detailed on paper.


*The four assignments I did included the Return to the Silent Films Era Assignment worth 4 1/2 stars.

Which I detailed in my Child’s Play blog.  I used a horror film for this choice because it allowed me to respond better with more emotion being evoked from seeing something that is frightening by minus the sound.  I always say that one’s imagination could be your worst enemy in these cases.

*The Second assignment was the  Movie Trailer Mash-Up.  For this assignment I wanted it to be comedic.  I choose the old 80’s footloose dance compilation trailer and a dance scene with Terry Crews from the movie White Chicks.

foot                                                        white

I choose to play off of the concept of dance, and I choose one of the funniest scenes from the movie where actor Terry Crews has a dance monologue  in the movie White Chicks.

*The Third assignment was the Video Essay – for this Assignment I choose some of the earlier most impressions I got from The Wire.

Last but now least, I was instructed to do a Swede of the Wire which I took video from the Season 3, Episode 11, Death of Stringer Bell.

Overall Feelings for this week  I felt as if I was overwhelmed, I still had a lot of technical difficulties with  video editing especially when it came to using my own video in which I had uploaded.

I think that basis was to start early as I did not have any issues with any of my other videos except this last one.   I realize that one needs to be patient in addition,  I look forward to using all of my skills and attributes that I have acquired over these weeks for audio, visual, and video to add this to the creation of my final project for The Wire.