Episode 3 sights and sounds

Recurring themes   We’ve seen several shots of surveillance so far. Here’s one of the monitor in the office in Orlando’s. It’s only visible for a few frames as D’Angelo walks by, but it caught my attention as an example … Continue reading

Every picture tells a story

Composition The first thing I notice in the second episode is symmetry. Gant’s body is in the center. The camera moves, but mostly maintains an imperfect bilateral symmetry. The imperfections and imbalances are important, because otherwise the composition would appear … Continue reading

Some opening salvos

Here are a few thoughts on some shots from the opening episode of The Wire. Design I love this shot. the two characters are framed in the restaurant window, with “burger” in neon above Wee Bey and “chicken” above D’Angelo. … Continue reading

String doing his thing

This scene from The Wire caught my eye from a design and photography standpoint. There’s an interesting color contrast going on between the reddish tones of Stringer’s shirt and tie and the greenish background. Red and green are what is … Continue reading