Wire 106: Week 9 – Get Inspired

This week will be dedicated to going back and looking through the work that’s been done in wire106 that has inspired you thus far. And if you have been operating in your own private Idaho, well then consider this the opportunity to break out of your own world and get inspired.

Wire 106: Week 8 – Radio Days

Image credit: Sarah Kountz’s “Sing along with me — DS106 Radio”

This week will be dedicated almost entirely to working on and finishing the radio shows.  To this end…

Blogging Radio Show Progress
Each member of the group will be required to blog about their progress on the radio show …

Wire106 Week 7

We’re up to week 7 in Wire106. Jim is out on assignment and tailed a suspect up to NYC, so we don’t have a video for you this time. Here are the details for this week: Audio week 1 Everyone … Continue reading

Week 3: Putting the Digital in Storytelling

Important: If you haven’t gotten and verified an email from ICANN confirming your domain, login into umw.domains and there should  be a message asking you to resend the email for confirmation—if there isn;t you did it already. Do that ASAP or else your domain will be suspended.

Below is a …