Big Things Come in Small Packages, No Gif 2 Me!

The GIF assignment proved to be VERY challenging to create. I still haven’t mastered the skill of bringing the animation of it to life directly on my page, underestimating the time it would take to understand the process limited my ability to do this in a manner satisfying to me. It is something that will take further addressing to achieve and a skill I hope to attain with pursuing the GIF technique in the future!

Come @ the King, Bet not Miss! Was a revolving theme in The Wire episode 8, portraying a constant reminder that in the game on the streets there are parts delegated to all. Even the youngest pictured in the first GIF reminds the watcher how essential it is to keep count even with shaky math skills. With being a peon or soldier of the streets one is careful not to cross the expectations of the King!

1 count-f'd-upp

But what when crossing the King. You’ll surely be reminded and checked by reality. With attempting to side hustle Avon, Orlando has his coat pulled notoriously. The message is given to stay in pocket as Avon has delegated his position to be liquor license holder and no more.

2 Throw'n-Stacks

Though even with elevating the game to a higher class status there are pawns to be kept in place and ordered to fall back in ranks, seen here with Daniels as he is consistently reprimanded for violating. In the next GIF the story tells of political corruption permitted to run amuck.

3 Give-it-back

Even higher ranked individuals such as Stringer, seen in this next GIF has the task of controlling with the legit front put in place to minimize the activities under the control of Avon. He has to run a tight ship to keep speculation off of the matters handled in the streets of Baltimore. Here he reminds the crew that unlike the streets, the printing business is to mimic that of an official business apart from the true business of running a drug ring.

4 Unna-stand-Idris

Finally we get the true meaning of coming at a player in the streets without preparing properly for the ramifications as Omar so stealthily reminds WeBey in this OK Corral shooting with the whistle from death. What is to become his signature caveat that one would be dealt with when missing the opportunity to seal the deal. A reckoning I’m sure as Stinkum is doomed to find out of.