Bodie’s World, Video Discussions & More!

Week 15 was about tying up loose ends over the last couple of weeks.   This week we were tasked with concentrating on our final projects and characters:’

I used sevearl social media accounts for my character Preston “Bodie,”Broadus

* Tumblr

*Twitter (Bodie)

*Linked In

*Bodie Theme Song Instrumental

*Bodie Facebook


The avenue in which I truly enjoyed communicating with other Wire characters such as Stringer Bell, Jay Landsman, tweet_Bodieand Professor Groom.   This activity was really fun and interactive.




The assignments in which we were tasked this week with had to be worth 8 stars.

I tried to focus on the “Mind of Bodie,” this week so much so I picked specific assignments which really detailed what my character would have chosen on an individual basis.

These assignments were broken up over three sections:

Visual : 3 1/2 stars.

Sticky Notes by Bodie Assignment which I detailed what sticky notes Bodie may potentially leave for himself around the house.  I thought that this was a fun creative assignment that could be used a lot more or another medium with other characters from various genres.

stickey notes


*The next section I covered was a visual assignment.  Bodie seemed as if he would be more of the entrepeneriaul type.  Therefore in thinking further into his character I figured that Bodie would be the ambitious type.   More specifically I invented a business card for Bodie as if he were following in Stringer Bell’s footsteps with the Create a Business Card Assignment

construction card


The last assignment which I did was worth 1 1/2 stars it was an audio assignment.   The goal of this assignment was to choose a song (of course from Bodie’s) point of view without the lyrics that was representative of him.   I choose Kanye West’s “Through the Wire.”

Bodie Down Time


Video Discussions

This week I also tied up some more loose ends by doing three of my video discussions:

*Season 4 Episode 9 Discussion

*Season 4 Episode 13 “Final Grades”

*Season 4 Episode 10 “Misgivings”


These video discussions went quite well.  Although I only got to actually link one video due to some recording issues however it was a good way to add closure to the end of the semester by talking to some classmates about various interpretations of The Wire episodes.


The best part of this week was the interaction between my group mates and classmates.  I had a good time sharing things and “role playing,” for a bit with everybody.  I think that developing connections whether in a fictional capacity or reality helps to bring out the creative spark in the project.

In addition, the spreadsheet for this entire project was also lucrative and important.  Without any of the wire  representatives coming together , there could not be an alternate Wire world.   Overall I would have to say that this week was pretty productive!


Last but not least….this weeks daily create I did was to caption a group of penguins.


Penguins v.s. Aflack Duck