“Catch Me If You Can Like The Gingerbread Man”

I really enjoyed The WireBuyers radio show. It was very interesting right from the start. I feel as if someone came in and was listening they would have been totally lost. I still liked it a lot though.

One of the things that I think worked and helped the show to be a success was the use if background music. When I was sitting there listening to it I was like that actually sounds really nice and definitely like it belonged there. I also liked the quick transition from segment to commercial. Sometimes it would catch me off guard so I had to pay close attention. It was definitely a show that you had to stay tuned in and focused and even with that it was a little advanced. I feel like there were messages being sent the whole time I was listening and I just couldn’t pick up on them.

One thing that I think didn’t go as well as it could have was just the volume adjustment. I know it’s hard because you have so many clips that you’re trying to mash together and keep the sound levels exactly right so I respect and commend the group for that. I think that if the volume was just a little more equal the show would have run so smooth that transitions to the commercials would have been so amazing.

I really liked the production as a whole and I appreciate all of the work that went in. When I was listening to the group members talk about how they all contributed I realized just how difficult it really was for this group. Overall it was a very nice show and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to hear it.