Fonzie’s ID Remix

For my remix assignment I ended up getting Let See Some ID: Happy Days. I was to create an id but also take the assignment back to the 1950’s which Happy Days was set in. In case you don’t know the Happy Days sitcom maybe this will jog your memory.

I decided to use Fonzie as my character to make a ID for. So I did some research about the sitcom to get the ID as legitimate as I could. I found sample Wisconsin ID. did some photoshop to take out the information that needed to be changed. Then using Word’s text boxes I put in the right information. I used the actual date of birth for Fonzie’s actor Henry Winkler. Also, I used an actual address that was in the sitcom.

My Sample ID:






Some photoshop work:

Wisconsin-ID copy





Fonzie Fake ID

4 Stars Total