Footloose/White Chick’s Mash-up Trailer

Movie Trailer Mash-Ups

The next assignment which I choose was to mash-up two distinct movies via the Mash-Up Trailer Assignment which was worth 5 Stars. I choose the movie trailer from the 1980’s original Footloose and I also choose a scene out of the Wayne’s Brothers comedy White Chicks

foot                                                        white

I choose to play off of the concept of dance, and I choose one of the funniest scenes from the movie where actor Terry Crews has a dance monologue  in the movie White Chicks.


For this project I searched for the movie trailers via YouTube once I found them I used the program Clip Grab to download and select the YouTube videos to use for editing via the Windows Movie Maker software.

The process was challenging because I had to figure out how to correctly splice the videos so that they could match up with the correct scenes with one another.   I did this by selecting the trim tool and inputting the second time marker which I wanted to isolate.

Second, I then deleted the scenes that were behind this and then re-upload the video and kept splicing it until I had my desire scenes in the order which I wanted.

This was a time consuming process.  The obstacles which I ran into is for some reason or another Windows Movie Maker likes to crash every now and then, especially when you are at the “save,” point  However I eventually managed to save it as an MP4.   Thus giving me the below finished product.