Life as a Dog

I decided to create my own assignment, so I was thinking of something that would be fun to do. I thought about what it would be life if I spent a day as an animal. Of course, I did a day in the life of a Niepokoj dog.

I thought about what I would like to do as a dog. First, it would be to wake up my owner, and then cuddle in bed.  After that I would take a bath, then get dressed. Once that was done, I would like to go out and play in the snow since it is winter. Then I’d want to go take a car ride around town. After going for a drive, I’d be too excited I would need to play. Then I’d get nice and tired and it is time for bed.




This took a little bit longer. I went through all my pictures and videos to find the perfect ones to fit it. Once I picked the pictures or videos, I ordered them in the outline I talked about above in my thought process. This took a little while because I didn’t know how to drag the clips, it kept trimming them. I found this website extremely helpful.

Now, I picked the theme ‘filmstirp‘ in iMovie and had to add some music. I downloaded ‘Let’s Go’ for when the pictures were about going in the car. I used the other theme music from the preloaded sound effects on iMovie.