Minimalism, two for the price of one

So for my final assignment, I went with the “Minimalize your Philosophy” design assignment. I actually did two of them. The first one I made and then I realized that it wasn’t something that pertained to the final episode that I have left to do an assignment for, so I’ll do that one after this one.

My real one:

This one was pretty easy. When I saw the example minimalist philosophy I thought to myself, “Hey, that looks like a PowerPoint slide.” So what did I do? I made Stringer’s minimalist philosophy out of a PowerPoint slide. And here it is:

Stringers slogan


So it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was. I created it in PowerPoint but then when I tried to save it as a picture, it saved as a .png which meant there was no background–I found that out after reading Carmella’s post. So, I had to screen shot it when PowerPoint was open, paste it into Word, and save it as a picture. Then I opened it up with Microsoft Office Picture editor and cropped it there and saved it. That allowed me to post it here.

So there is Stringer’s, but if you have stuck with me this far you deserve a reward. So here is your reward, McNulty’s Minimalist Philosophy.

beer glass with words

It says “Forget it, get drunk” in Irish. I thought it was funny because McNulty is Irish (maybe). I made it with GIMP and the picture came from here. I opened it up as a layer and then added the words, which I got from Google translate. At first I tried to add them all as one but then I couldn’t figure out how to center them and it bothered me that they weren’t centered so I added them all as separate layers and then combined them. It isn’t minimalist in the usual sense but it is simply a glass of beer. That seems minimalist enough for me.