This week was short but to the point. I liked it! I enjoyed getting good feedback on the radio show we created. It was good to hear what everyone thought, especially Jim and Paul!! We don’t get much feedback from them on a weekly basis so this was nice.

Here are my thoughts on the WireBuyers Radio Show. I think this group did a wonderful job producing and editing their show!

Daily Creates:

Here is my DS106 Snowflake

#dailycreate #tdc1019

and my 30 circles of flags around the world!

#dailycreate #tdc1020


  1. Lauren (we should learn how to make these!)
  2. Carmela
  3. Kisha
  4. Kris
  5. Paul–by far my favorite
  6. Imran
  7. Travis
  8. Danielle
  9. Brittany
  10. Jessica


Amy’s Daily Create

Jessica’s Learning by Design

Alison’s Rainbow Visual Assignment