“Said He Needed Guidance”

I really enjoyed episode the ninth episode of of the third season. There were a couple of specific things that grabbed my attention while I was watching this episode. They both deal with the perceptions of the African American community. The first thing that caught my attention in the episode was the part in the show where all of he characters made a big deal about Sunday and not doing the terrible things that they all do during the week. I thought this was really important to showing the viewers things that really happen. Because almost all if not all of the African American people I know either go to church or believe in GOD. So Sunday, being the sabbath, made everyone change how they felt about the sinful lives that they live. The other thing that caught my attention this episode was showing the real and prevalent perception of African American males and then showing a totally different more positive side to the African American males. The first one was shown when the two hooligans shot at Omar and his grandmother on Sunday. That’s a stereotype of black males that is alive and well in today’s society. The second one was shown when Cutty was walking away with a suit on pumping his fist. It showed the change that is happening and the other side the people don’t often recognize about African American males.