Season 4 Bleep Sesh

I decided to complete the bleeping assignment during week 11/12. It was a fun assignment but took some patience and time to make it good. First I decided what scene to use. I used the opening scene from season 4 episode one. This was when Snoop went to the fake home depot to find a nail gun. He didn’t just walk in. He decided to bring his old one in on his shoulder. I thought it was hilarious because he got so many weird looks but could care less. Better than that was when he was talking to the employee. At first it was a normal conversation then Snoop starting saying how he saw a nail gun tear up a guy and the employee looked clueless. Snoop just laughed it off and told the guy he wanted the gun. Then he gave the guy $800 to pay for it and it only cost like $690. Snoop just walked out of the store showed his partner and started rambling about how it was the Cadillac of nail guns.

Anyways, to complete this assignment first I downloaded the link from youtube.

Next I decided to bleep out the sound using audacity because I feel more comfortable with that software. So I ripped the sound off of the youtube clip using an online converter. Then I found a “beep” noise on youtube and used that as my sound. I watched the clip and listed everytime snoop cursed since he was the only one who really cursed. Then using audacity I silenced those areas and added the “BEEP” in.

AUdactiy Screenshot

Then I put the audio clip with the video clip in windows movie maker, matched up the audio and visual and the film was completed. It took a lot longer that this may seem but it as a lot of patience trying to get the right parts silenced and the “Beeps” sounded good. Hope you enjoy it:


5 Stars