“The Only Thing That I Can Say To You Is Pray”

For my remix assignment I got the Stache’ it Remix. It was a play on a Street View Story assignment and I was told, “I you like it then you should’ve put a stache’ on it.” So here it is I hope you like it.

On my first ever out of the country vacation I traveled with one of my closest friends to Brazil. I went with her because she is absolutely in love with Brazil. If you mention anything Brazilian around her, her neck snaps and she cracks that smile that everyone loves.

So we were about two weeks in to our visit to Brazil and over the course of the vacation we were moving all around trying going place to place to see all of the beautiful attraction that Brazil has to offer. On this particular day we were visiting the Elevador Lacerda. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. There was so much life and so much happening. I stood in awe for about 30 minutes as my eyes gazed the land. You could probably tell I was foreign to the place because it seemed like everybody else was just walking around like it was nothing new to them.

After I came out of my state of unrecognized amazement I was ready to do the thing that every tourist wants to do and that was take pictures. I started with a selfie as I faced away from the beauty so it could be the backdrop of my picture. I showed it to my friend and she started laughing. I didn’t know what was funny. I begged her to tell me and she wouldn’t. So I continued to take my pictures. After about fifteen seconds of taking more pictures this crazed man with the most hideous mustache you ever wanted to see started yelling at me. I had no idea what was going on. I looked over at my friend and she was just about on asthma attack level because she was laughing so hard. He continued to yell at me and I had to stand there and take it because I didn’t want to cause more trouble than what the whole thing was worth.

As soon as my friend came to she shared a few words with the man and he calmed down a little bit. She came back over to me and told me to take another look at my selfie. I did just that and proceeded to ask what was so funny. She told me to take a really close look. I had to have stared at that picture for about 10 minutes before I realized that one of those long nasty whiskers from the man’s beard was in the background of my picture.

I was so amazed by the beauty that I didn’t even realize what had happened. I apologized sincerely to the man with a little help from my friend and he still seemed to be upset. I tried again and nothing came of it so I just left. It had to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Here’s a picture of the crazed man once his wife and daughter came over and tried to calm him down.