Week 9 Summary

In The Wire this week, I am really enjoying the relocation of the drug dealers. I think the way they are going about it, by forcing the midlevel people to order the move, it really smart. I am way more interested in this way of dealing with drug dealers than the ways the show has been previously been approaching it, even with the taps.  The burner phones are definitely more interesting than anything else they have dealt with because they are always changing. The fact that the dealers are driving all over just to avoid getting caught buying a bunch of phones for a drug organization. The internal politics that are shown in the COMSTAT meetings is interesting, but it makes me really mad (which I guess it is supposed to) because it is so bureaucratic.

I added Lauren’s Sketch a Screenshot, Carmela’s Classical Rap mashup, and the London Bridge Techno mashup to the inspire page.  I also made my blog posts to explain my thought on the inspiration [ Sketch a Screenshot, Classical Rap Mashup, London Bridge Techno].

On Tuesday night, I streamed and live tweeted the TDSN radio show and then I made a blog post about the experience.

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