Half&Half Indie

This daily create is really interesting and thought provoking. A domain that would describe my life hard to think of because there have been various events in my life that define me. But! I’ll give it a try.

The first thing that came to mind was “halfnhalfindie.com” or something along those lines. “Half n Half” is the part. This s really significant to my life in different ways. 1. I love coffee and people use Half and Half all the time. 2. More importantly, race. I’m biracial which many people wouldn’t know just by looking at me. Although some people believe that you shouldn’t let race define you, i think it should. I’ve been brought up by two separate, very different cultures. It explains why i am the way i am. I consider this a great thing. So now that the half and half part is out of the way, now comes “indie”. I love music. It seriously is the reason behind half of my actions. Music influences the way you dress,act, etc. So i would have to include indie in my domain name. I’ve met half of my friends through music and have bonded over it with so many people. Indie music is amazing. There you have it! “halfnhalfindie.com” ! Maybe one day i’ll be able to have this domain for fun. :)