Video Discussion: S4E11

My last video discussion was of Season 4 episode 11. This was a little confusing because my video discussions were episodes 11,12, and 13. But! My groups did not do video discussions in chronological order. The first video discussion i had was actually episode 13, then 12 and finally 11. So this really confused me a bit and i was constantly mentioning other episodes. I would have preferred to do them in order so i could discuss it without knowing what happened. Either way, it happened but it worked out!

Season 4 Episode 11:

This group was just me, John, and Nicholas. It was a small group but the discussion was pretty productive. For this discussion i also had screen shots and shared them with the group. I still believed that this was a good idea because it really led the discussion well. Since this is the episode where the bodies are finally discovered and Freeman sees a trend, it really sets up for the other two episodes. My favorite shot of this whole episode was of Bunk going into a vacant home and looks inside. It looks exactly like a tomb and really foreshadows the next couple of events in the show. This was a great discussion and i think we made some good points! Here’s the video below!