Video Discussion: Season 4, Episode 12.

Like almost every other person in the class, i decided to do all my video discussions in the final week of classes. I kept pushing them off because i figure i would have later and then the final week came. Anywho, i got on it and set up times for my groups and made it work!

Season 4 Episode 12:

This group consisted of me, Lakisha, Sydney, and Travis. I believe another person was suppose to join us but that didn’t work out. Overall, this discussion went very well. Every one had great points and shared clips and pictures. I realized that when people plan on sharing pictures and videos, it helps the discussion. My first video discussion wasn’t as well planned and our discussion was a little weak. Here, i showed two pictures of scenes where Christmas decorations were displayed but the content of the discussion in the episode was sad. I thought that was a really good observation so i brought it to the table! This group was great and i’m glad it worked out. The link to our discussion is below!