What is in a Name?

Jessica Claire Reingold

I think I got lucky with my name…or maybe my mom is just really good with words….see my name, my first and middle name at least, flow nicely. Apparently I’m named after my aunt since her name started with a J and one of my grandma’s aunts who was named Claire. Did i ever meet these people? No. They both died both I was born. I suppose it’s nice that my parents named me after relatives, but I kind of want to know if it’s because there was pressure for them to do so, or if they actually picked the names Jessica and Cliare and then just “said” I was named after these people. I don’t think i’ll ever ask them since my dad tends to get touchy about issues dealing with my relatives. Nevertheless, I think I got lucky, and honestly, if you’re going to have kids, make sure you give them nice or cool names, don’t let be THAT kid that gets made fun of for a name they didn’t pick.