Haves vs Wants


NoirCat by Grant Potter and Talky Tina

One of our ds106 Noirsters regrets missing last night’s broadcast:

and it was a night not to be missed! But I think they all are. It’s like I said in our video this week – you have to listen to one show, but you WANT to listen to all of them. They all bring something different to the table, but they all have high degrees of creativity, effort and enthusiasm. And they really tie the class together.

So far, we’ve listened to:
House of Noir (Janelle, Janaye, Mariam, Rhiannon)
Noir We There Yet? (Spencer, Emily, Brenda, Barbara, Cody)
Noir D&D (Ellen, My D&D group, Jason, Maxwell)
maNOIRpulators (Amanda, Aubrey, Brianne, Kendall)
Dead Silence (Chelsea, Abigail, (#TrueCrimers #4life) Justin)
The Steadfast Sleuths (Lauren, Kim, Kayleigh)

and coming up tonight we have:
NOIR not the father (Mia, Kelsey, Cuyler, Brian)
NOIRTalk (Jonathan, Mariah, Nelia-Sol)