The second assignment I did this week was “Wanted Poster” (2.5 stars). I made this one kind of as a funny thing. I played it like Rawls found the wanted poster somewhere around the office and was super mad about it–because obviously he wants people to think he …

Mash-Ups for Daaaayz

These two weeks were a bit of a struggle for me. The first week I didn’t do much besides daily creates and watching episodes because my workload has been CRAZY. So thank you for giving us two weeks to do this stuff, I appreciate it. Also thank you for giving …

Rawls’s Theme Song

For my first Rawls assignment for this week I did “Your Theme Song” (4 stars). I thought Bad Boys would be perfect for Rawls not only because he is police but because he may or may not like bad boys

How I did it:

First I found the song that …

Wagstaff Snack Company

For My Final Project I took on the character Randy Wagstaff. I decided to take on his snack business and help him market it and expand it. I have developed his social media accounts:

Twitter: @WagstaffSnacks



LinkedIn: Yes, middle schooler has a linkedin. The reason for …

The Finish Line Is Getting Closer Week 11 & 12

Well having 2 weeks to complete the assignments was nice. Even though I am finishing them at 11:30 pm on the last night I was able to take are of some other things I needed to get done.

I completed a video discussion this week which was my second one …