Sticky Notes for Bodie

The assignment which I completed for my character Bodie.   This assignment was titled the Sticky Notes and it was worth 3 1/2 stars.   The object of this assignment was to determine what sticky notes our characters would leave for themselves around the house.  To make matters easy I used the …

Last Will and Testament of Bodie Broadus


Data of the Dead Assignment:  This  is a  last will and testament blog entry for The Wire character Bodie Broadus ….inspired by the ds106 assignment worth 3 stars 

Time: 9:09 p.m.

Will and Testament

Today is my  last day too live..   I have been thinking a lot about my …

Shadow of Mordor: Omar’s Revenge – Mash-Up


From the Inner Streets of Baltimore…To the Hilltops of the shire.    Middle Earth is in trouble and Frodo and his buddies have called in the big guns…they needed a hero but what they got was Omar.     I choose to alter the newest release for …

Wire Video/Audio Commentary 11/4 Tweet Along

The tweet along between commentators George Pelecanos and Joe Chappelle from S03E11 of The Wire.

This episode was climactic for several reasons.    This was one of the major climactic episodes where one of  The Wire’s major characters Stringer Bell is killed.  However, not only for this climactic moment was I …

The Three Inspires~ !

This week we were encouraged by the Professors to go back and go through some of the DS106 work and to figure out how we can become inspired.

Inspire #1

The first inspirational piece of work that I recommended was Imran’s Dedication to His Mom mom.  I can’t emphasize enough …